My Story – Layla

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In 2015 I moved from my parent's house to a rented apartment in the big city. 

I wanted my new place to feel like home, and I realized that it won’t be the same without the scents and aromas that I had in my family’s house.

So I started to look for the perfect scent - the one that will make me feel at home.


I tried to combine, mix and create new aromas until I found the perfect one.

The best one FOR ME.


Today, I believe that there isn’t only one perfect scent. 

Every home is different, every moment and memory in life are unique.

My goal is to try and seize these little thoughts and feelings and turn them into scents and aromas, so everyone could enjoy them.


My candles are made from 100% natural soy wax which poured to designed glass by hand

 so every candle gets the attention it deserves. 

In my opinion, that’s what makes them so special.


We all want to share our feelings. 

Some people write, some of them sing or paint.

I express myself through scents.

My biggest wish is that you’ll love them as I do.



Feel free to contact us any time by email:
Our mail address for any other issues: 223 Bedford Ave PMB239 / Brooklyn, NY 11211-4171